Four Benefits Of Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Companies looking to drive more traffic to their website should consider investing in Search Engine Marketing campaigns to propel their sites to the top of search engine listings.

Read on to learn more about Search Engine Marketing and how it can benefit your business.

What Is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to paid advertising linked to specific keywords. Adverts from brands matching those keywords will appear on the search engine results page when a user enters a search using the pre-selected target keywords.

However, the advertised brand will only be charged if the user clicks on the ad. Search engine results that are adverts are indicated as such with an “Ad” logo under the title line of the search, or in the case of a searched product, it will be displayed as “Sponsored”.

There are multiple benefits of employing SEM tactics in your online marketing strategies, including the following:

Build Brand Awareness And Trust

Potential customers being exposed repeatedly to specific brands in search engine headlines, descriptions or other links contributes significantly to generating high brand awareness.

An additional advantage of the brand’s repeated appearance at the top of the search page is that familiarity builds trust.  In other words, if potential customers frequently see the brand listed in their searches, they will begin to perceive that brand as a trusted service or product provider.

Location-Based Targeting Of Adverts

Using SEM techniques, it is possible to target potential customers based on their location.  Companies can localise ads only to their immediate area. Conversely, advertisers can set the campaign to have a global reach. There are options to customise ads for different countries and languages. The advertiser gets to decide where they appear, e.g. global, country-wide, city, or any other defined region.

Flexibility And Ease Of Use

It is a simple procedure to set up a schedule for ad campaigns. Running or stopping the promotion can be done at will. Overspending is not possible as budgets are set in advance.  This ease of use and flexibility optimises the ad campaign to drive more traffic to the website.

Reaching The Right Audience

As the appearance of the ads is linked to keywords, it is possible to target only the desired audience based on their search parameters. The adverts will only be triggered when the search contains the right combination of keywords. This reduces the chance of someone not interested in a product or service clicking through to the website (and incurring an unnecessary expense for the advertiser).

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