Four Steps To Help Prepare For AdWords Management Success In Sydney

Adwords Management

Before embarking on a digital advertising campaign, it is vital to invest time to understand how AdWords management in Sydney works. How can it best be utilised to obtain an optimal outcome?

Setting Objectives

When working on any new project, it is essential to establish the objectives and goals at the onset. An AdWords management campaign is no different.  

What are the desired outcomes? Here are some possible responses:

  • Generating more leads
  • Stimulating sales
  • Increasing traffic to a website
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Increasing foot traffic to physical stores

Selecting A Campaign Type

When setting up a campaign, the opportunity to select from a range of campaign types will be presented, such as:

  • Search – based on text ads, good for boosting leads and sales
  • Display – image ads, good for building brand awareness, increasing target audience and for remarketing
  • Video – video ads on YouTube and other channels, good for building awareness, driving conversions and expanding the reach
  • App – the creation of an app and focusing on getting more users on the app
  • Shopping – product listings for retailers, good for promoting product ranges and increasing foot traffic to nearby stores 
  • Local – promotion of local stores across multiple platforms, good for directing traffic to conveniently located physical stores

Setting A Budget

Once the annual budget for an AdWords campaign has been decided, it can be divided to determine the average monthly spend. The budget is not cast in stone and can easily be modified as requirements change. This budget will be allocated according to bids won but will not exceed the monthly average that has been set.

Understand The Basics Of Bidding

Whenever Google has advertising space available, auctions are set in motion. It is necessary to set up bidding options to participate. This is how spaces for adverts that appear on blogs, websites, social media apps or other places are allocated. Advert placement is determined by the type of campaign selected. So, the bid type is optimised to meet the specific goals and objectives selected at the beginning of the process.

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