Google Ads: An Essential Tool In Growing Your Business

Google Ads

If you are a business owner looking to grow your business, one of the best and most affordable opportunities that you have available to you is running a Google Ad Campaign. 

As a Google ads agency in Sydney, the team at One Stop Digital works with many new and growing business owners. We have seen first-hand the essential role that Google ads play in helping the growth of small businesses.

What Are Google Ads?

When you search for a product or service on Google, the results that come up at the very top of the page and are labelled as ‘ad’ are Google ads. Companies wanting to make use of Google ads choose certain keywords that they want to show up in search results for and create a Google ad campaign based on these keywords.

Why Are Google Ads Such A Great Opportunity?

There are many other online marketing schemes available, so why invest in Google ads? Google ads provide you with an amazing opportunity because:

  • Affordability- Google ads work by using a pay-per-click format so that you only end up paying for clicks in which potential customers have shown interest in your ad. Worth it, isn’t it? Also, you are able to set budgets within the campaign manager, so your ad disappears after it has reached a certain amount of clicks. On top of that, if you have niche keywords that you can use in your campaign, your campaign will be significantly cheaper than if you use generic keywords. There are many ways to make your campaign extremely affordable.
  • Target audience- Just like social media advertising, Google ads affords you the opportunity to target your ideal potential customer base through the campaign manager.
  • So many different avenues- Google ads provide you with so many different avenues to explore in terms of ads to help you find the one that works best for your business. An experienced Google ads agency will easily be able to spot what will work best for you.

Are you looking to start investing in Google ads in Sydney? Speak to the experts at One Stop Digital. We can take care of your entire Google ads campaign and ensure that you get the results that you’re after.


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