Is Social Media Slowly Becoming The Most Important Aspect Of Online Marketing?

social media marketing

Online marketing consists of a variety of different marketing tools and techniques, including SEO, keyword optimisation, Google Ads, and social media marketing. At one point in time, it appeared as if SEO and Google Ads were king when it came to the success of your online marketing campaigns, but now it looks as if there’s a new leader…social media marketing.

As online marketing experts in Sydney, we have witnessed the rise of social media marketing, and it is a marketing tool that we recommend to all of our clients, no matter what industry they’re in.

So, why has social media marketing risen to the top in the past year or so? Let’s have a look.

More & More People Are On Social Media

COVID-19 definitely played a role in driving more and more people to social media. The increased number of people on social media means that there are more opportunities to market your brand to your target audience. Many social media users will check out a brand’s Instagram profile before looking at their website. Effective social media advertising will help connect your audience to your brand.

Social Media Advertising Has Become More Accessible & Affordable

Social media advertising offers brands with many cost-effective advertising solutions that help the brand target their ideal customers. The results of social media advertising campaigns are easily trackable, and upon analysis, you can easily tweak your next campaign to make it better than the last.

A Large Social Following Makes A Brand Seem More Trustworthy

There is something to be said about brands with large followings on social media. It makes them appear successful and popular and will give new customers a feeling of trust and confidence towards the brand. One of the easiest ways to gain new followers (and potentially new customers) is through effective social media marketing.

While social media marketing is definitely having its moment, as online marketing experts in Sydney, we still recommend that brands use a mixture of all online marketing techniques in their online marketing campaigns for the best results.

Looking for an online marketing agency in Sydney to elevate your brand through effective online marketing? Give the professional team at One Stop Digital a call today, and we can begin discussing your unique online marketing needs. 


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