Why Use Google Display & Google Remarketing Ads?

Google Display Ads

The GDN (Google Display Network) helps reach your audience while they’re browsing their favourite websites watching YouTube videos, using their Gmail account or mobile devices and apps.

You can target people based on the following options:

  • Topics
  • Interests
  • Specific website placements
  • Contextual (Keyword) targeting
  • Demographics

Google Remarketing Ads

Remarketing Ads allow you to re-connect with people that have previously visited your website or mobile app. You are able to strategically position your remarketing ads to this audience as they go about their business browsing Google or any of its partner websites. This will help you increase your brand awareness and remind those audiences to make a purchase.

We’re Proud to be a
Google AdsTM Premier SMB Partner

  • The Premier Partners Program Includes hand picked agencies by Google
  • Selected Agencies need to meet Googles strict certifications, Training & Performance criteria
  • Customers benefit from knowing they are using an agency with proven Google Ads expertise
  • The Google Premier Partners certification places us as experts in Pay Per Click marketing.