The Biggest Online Marketing Mistakes Of 2020

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Is there anything more frustrating than spending valuable time, effort and money on digital marketing efforts only to have them go to waste?

The realm of online marketing is a vast one with numerous cogs working together in a well-oiled machine. We have done our research and come up with the most common, most frustrating digital marketing mistakes in 2020 to help you avoid them.

Before we get started, one surefire way to avoid these mistakes is hiring an online marketing agency you can trust like One Stop Digital to take care of your marketing needs holistically. Now, on to the most common marketing mistakes.

  1. Placing Too Much Emphasis On Social Media

Social media is indeed a cost-effective, instant way to connect with your audience, but the mistake comes in where businesses believe that they have to be one every social channel out there.

The truth is that very few companies have the creativity, understanding and resources to create brilliant, compelling social content across every channel. The need to have “something” posted each day results in a dull mix of throwback posts, bland announcements and team days out. It is rarely the joining of key conversations or insightful thought leadership.

The takeaway here is if you can produce great, authentic social content, then by all means. But stick to the channels that you do best.

  1. Depending On Organic Reach On Social Media

Organic reach is the number of people who see your content without paid distribution. So, what’s the problem? This is where the problem of the high volume of users on Facebook is a problem. After spending a lot of time creating content, there is a high chance that it won’t be seen if you are a social media beginner. Social channels are built to extract paid spend because that is how they make their profits. Therefore, the organic reach on platforms like Twitter and Facebook is incredibly low.

  1. Placing Value On Vanity Metrics

Vanity metrics are things like registered users, raw page views and downloads. These are easily manipulated and do not necessarily correlate to the metrics that matter, such as the revenues, profits, the cost of getting new customers, engagement and active users. These are more actionable metrics. The mistake here is losing focus on your ROI (return on investment) and ending up with campaigns that are stacked with vanity metrics.

How to avoid this mistake – set a core aim. Only judge and track the stats that move you closer. Ask yourself whether what you’re doing is achieving anything useful to your company.

  1. Not Placing Enough Care & Attention To Your Copy

What is the quickest way to improve user experience on your website and social platforms? Good copy. The failure to get one’s copy correct is one of the biggest marketing mistakes of 2020. Achieving the right copy can help you with your conversions, engagement, user experience, SEO and every other aspect of your company.

Simply put, the quickest way to improve most digital businesses is to start with your copy.

And there you have it, the most common marketing mistakes of 2020 and how to best avoid them. For more easily avoidable online marketing mistakes, get in touch with One Stop Digital, your local marketing specialists.

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