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TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms and has gained a very loyal following from millennials. The TikTok format was initially based on short 15-sec video posts of lip-synched songs or dances. It has now evolved to posts on current issue conversations, advice and challenges and working via influencers is an important element in a TikTok strategy.

With app download numbers still climbing, are you focused on communicating with this audience? Like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter [hyperlink to each page] and other social media channels, you can use Ads on TikTok to boost your market reach and lead generation. 

Why Outsource?

The TikTok audience has an appetite for authenticity, a behind-the-scenes feel and challenges. The brands that can create a powerful campaign message linked to tempting challenges can break following and sales records.

TikTok’s algorithm heavily favours organic engagement, meaning lots of attention and intervention are needed. When brands collaborate on TikTok, some magical figures can be produced ‒ and this type of collaboration and strategic networking is rarely achieved with in-house teams. 

Our TikTok Team is attuned to the TikTok beat and challenges you to give your brand this instant boost: 

What Next?

When the management has a steady rhythm, you can add on a new ‘reach’ layer: TikTok Ads. Catch the eye of those discerning, busy users with an Ad campaign that will cross your brand into new exciting territory. 

Increase your engagement and ranking while the shares start climbing. As the data flows in, the team will turn the volume up or down to meet the campaign’s needs.

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