Why Google Ads Quality Scores Are Important To Sydney Businesses

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As Online Advertising and Marketing Specialists, we specialise in staying up to date with the latest trends. One such 2020 trend is Google Ads, the tycoon of paid advertising. In this article, we will be covering the importance of Google Ads quality scores for Sydney businesses such as yours.

Have you struggled to increase your Google Ads visibility? Is your CPC too high? Then this article is for you, keep reading to discover how you can fix this without exponentially increasing your bid.

It’s time to see how your quality score (QS) is looking but first, what is a QS, and how does it affect your ad campaigns?

The Importance Of A Quality Score

The Google ads quality score is a metric that measures the relevance and quality of your advertising efforts such as the ads themselves, your keywords and any landing pages. This metric is one that is rated on a scale of one to ten. It is crucial that you maximise your quality score in order to extend the reach of your online advertising efforts and earn the best ROI that you can.

Now, on to why we care so much about our Quality Scores. The importance of this rating is that Google uses your quality score to determine and measure your advertisement ranking and CPC (cost per click). It will likely shock many business owners who are dabbling with Google Ads by how much you can increase your return on investment simply by improving this one metric. For guidance and holistic ad strategies, please contact One Stop Digital. We would be happy to assist with your online marketing needs.

Here are five reasons why you should work on maximising your QS.

5 Reasons To Maximise Your Quality Score

  1. Improve the visibility of your ads
  2. Reduce your CPC
  3. Help your conversion rate
  4. Earn a higher CTR on your ads
  5. It indicates good user experience

Finally, the most important reason of all is that improving your QS is essential. A high QS is a must. If you need help upping your sore, get in touch with One Stop Digital, your online marketing and Adwords agency specialists in Sydney.


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