Benefits Of Remarketing As A Component Of Internet Marketing

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In today’s digitally impersonal world, remarketing provides an opportunity to customise advertising to users who previously visited a website and provide a more personalised experience.

This affordable marketing tool is a vital component of an effective internet marketing strategy for companies in Sydney.

An Example To Demonstrate Remarketing

A user visits the website of an online store that sells clothing. The user views a specific jacket sold by the store but leaves the site without purchasing anything. The next day, the user reads an article on an entertainment website, and the advert alongside is for the same or similar item from the same online clothing store.

This is an example of remarketing at work. This personalised form of advertising gives the user a second chance to view and hopefully purchase the clothing item.

How Does Remarketing Work?

Remarketing works by utilising browser cookies. When a user visits a particular website, an anonymous browser cookie will be dropped, and the user will be added to a remarketing list. In effect, the user is now being tracked. When this user appears on another website in the same advertising network, they will be recognised, and relevant advertising can be pushed to them.

Benefits Of Remarketing

Most users will say that they prefer no advertising at all. But many users will also agree that if they must see adverts, they would rather see adverts relevant to them.

The top benefit of remarketing is that advertising is targeted to an audience interested in a product or service. These are the users that are already predisposed to purchasing the offering.  Perhaps they were busy or otherwise preoccupied when they first engaged. By providing repeat adverts, they are being supplied with multiple opportunities to re-engage.

Remarketing provides businesses with an affordable opportunity to market their offering to interested customers across a range of different platforms. With the correct strategies in place, users will see adverts across multiple devices in various settings. With over 15 million active users on Facebook and 9 million on Instagram alone, employing remarketing tactics makes a lot of sense.

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