3 Questions You Should Ask Your Online Marketing Agency

Online Marketing Agency

Online marketing in Sydney or anywhere else in the world is an essential part of modern business. However, you need to be sure that you will get the return on investment that you desire. After all, marketing can end up costing you a pretty penny, so making sure that the online marketing agency that you’ve decided to hire to do it for you is up to the task is essential.

Here are a few questions you should ask your prospective online marketing agency before you sign on the dotted line so that you get the best possible bang for your buck.

What Is This Going To Cost?

The cost of an online marketing strategy can vary greatly depending on a range of factors. 

The wider the service offering you select, the more it’s going to cost. However, there might be a significant cost difference depending on whether you go the retainer route or do a once-off project. Retainers tend to provide some services a little cheaper owing to the ongoing nature of the campaign, while once-off marketing campaigns tend to cost more.

It is important to unpack the various costs ‒ especially the hidden ones! ‒ and to determine what kind of return on investment you can expect before getting into bed with an online marketing agency.

How Do You Measure Success?

How an online marketing agency measures the success of their campaigns can vary greatly. Sometimes an agency will tout incredible statistics of past successes to get you to sign up with them, only for you to find out later that those metrics were a little misleading.

For example, measuring success by how many new leads were acquired versus how many actual sales were actually made can produce vastly different results. You need to be clear with your prospective online marketing agency about what kinds of outcomes you want so that your definition of success aligns with theirs.

What Do You Need From Us To Succeed?

A common complaint from many online marketing agencies is that they are hamstrung by the very clients who hired them. Marketing agencies often need access to information and uncomplicated approval processes to get the ball rolling as efficiently as possible. There are often too many cooks spoiling the broth so to speak, with creative marketing strategies being stalled or entirely undermined by overly bureaucratic internal processes.

Ask your marketing agency how you can help them do their job better and how to ensure that they are not hindered unnecessarily from delivering the best service possible.

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