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Twitter has changed from a comments-sharing hub into a powerful marketing platform that brands leverage to engage with their audience in real time. Are you leveraging the power of 321 million monthly active users?

Dominating Twitter just means you have to show up and start Tweeting, right? Wrong. That’s not the whole picture or everyone and their cousin would be Twitter gurus.

While plenty of quality content needs to be prepared, edited and scheduled, specialised strategies need to be deployed to stand out on the platform. And that’s what successful businesses do, but they don’t do it in-house.

Why Outsource?

Managing a dedicated social media portfolio is difficult and a lot of work. To do it successfully, you need to allocate a lot of time to it and you need to come pre-loaded with significant experience and a very specific set of customer service and engagement skills. 

Add your business management, HR and contractor needs and social media will have to take 4th, 5th or 6th place on your priority list. You can throw headcount at it, but few companies can afford the budget for heavyweight specialists dedicated to social media. 

Outsourcing to our expert Tweeps ensures:

What Next?

When your account is up and running, it is time to dive deep into Twitter’s potential and paid ads are a resource-saving way to achieve this. Ads reach your target market more directly than organic reach. Promoted Tweets turbo-charge your market reach. 

Your target audience will be introduced to your brand even if they don’t follow your profile or related hashtags. Bullseye!

Why Use Our Tweeps For Twitter Management?

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These service plans were produced to get the ball rolling with greater ease. Short, succinct & compelling because that’s how Twitter teams roll.  Watch your brand take off with our:
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