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Engage Your Prospects With Punchy Snapchat Campaigns

Snapchat is a social media platform unlike any other. Its short, punchy posts sharing of images, pictures and videos are temporary ‒ hence the ‘snap’. Like its competitors, it also supports Ads but it also uses branded filters and geotags (aka lenses). 

The ephemeral window of engagement means you need to be posting snappy, fun and instantly-eye-catching content. And once they’re opened, they are inaccessible. SNAP!

Getting this unparalleled, unique content right takes time, planning, research and platform experience ‒ all this while your run your business, watch your competitors, manage contractors and invest in HR time.

Snapchat marketing will suit your business if your target prospects are young Zoomers (Gen Z). With nearly two-thirds of Snapchatters not older than 34 years old, you need to be sure of your product relevance before marketing on this platform. If you have an older audience segment as well, then Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest are great channels to incorporate.

Why Outsource?

Snapchat is famous for its fervent teen following but, as with all platforms, it’s evolving and gaining wider market traction. Its millions of daily users, that use it up to 11 times a day, are now including some young adults and older generations as well. 

It is recommended that three Snapchat stories are posted per day, at four to five hours intervals. About a third of the audience drops off after the 4th snap of a story. Do you have time to produce that much content, formatted specifically for Snapchat and to engage with audience response? Probably not. And that’s why outsourcing to a team of affordable specialists is vital. We’ll keep it snappy, fresh and relevant!

What Next?

Snapchat also has a powerful ads division that is racking up sales records for its users. Sponsored lenses are seen by tens of millions of users every day due to their popularity. Add the popularity of sponsored filters and your brand could be seen by hundreds of millions of users, with a top sales surge of 8% being recorded.

Why Use One-Stop Digital For Snapchat Management?

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Choose Your Snapchat Plan

3 Simple Steps – Choose, Engage & SNAP!

These short plan overviews help you start your snapping fast. No matter what your company or budget size is, we have a social media management solution for you! 

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