4 Indispensable Google Advertising Tips

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When it comes to Google advertising, there is a lot to be said when it comes to different methods and strategies. So how do you know what to implement?

As a leading Google advertising company in Sydney, we believe that these four tips could really elevate your Google ads and bring you more sales!

#1 Ensure Your Landing Page Matches Up With Your Google Ad 

Oftentimes landing pages for Google ads are irrelevant. Make sure that when an interested viewer clicks onto your ad, that the landing page tells them more about what the Google ad has hinted at, and not something completely different or merely reiterates what was said in the ad.

#2 Use Extensions 

Many people don’t fully understand and therefore don’t fully make use of advertising extensions. There are several Google advertising extensions available to you, including structured snippets and site link extensions. We could write an entire blog just on extensions. We recommend that you do a bit of research and get to know how to use extensions properly – it may just score the results that you have been working toward.

#3 Focus On Mobile Campaigns 

The majority of web browsers use their mobile devices to like cell phones to conduct searches, so it only makes sense that you should focus some of your Google advertising efforts into mobile campaigns and target mobile users. You can put a negative bid on desktop users, and in this way, your entire budget for the campaign in question will go to mobile.

#4 Go With A Professional Google Advertising Agency 

If a professional digital marketing agency does not already run your Google ads, it may be time to hand over the reins. Unless you are an informed and experienced digital marketer yourself, the chances are that you may be making a plethora of mistakes when it comes to your Google advertising strategies and budget. A professional digital marketer will know how to make the most out of your advertising budget, and you should see better results from a professionally run campaign than a DIY project. 

Are you ready to start investing in Google advertising? Get in touch with One Stop Digital today to make use of the best Google advertising services in Sydney. We look forward to hearing from you!

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