6 Ways AI Will Transform PPC Marketing

The digital world has been abuzz recently with just how impactful AI is. Some see the value it has to offer in the digital market, others not so much. Whether you are for or against the tool, AI is here now and is most likely to stay. What does this mean for digital marketing, specifically PPC marketing?

These are our top six predictions:

Better Targeting

Successful PPC marketing strategies are based on clearly defined target audiences. With the introduction of AI tools like ChatGPT, you will be able to assess more data and build a more successful PPC campaign. You can gear and direct your targeting more effectively. AI has the ability to analyse large amounts of data quickly. The insights produced by this help you determine what keywords to use and lead behaviour more accurately than, say, Google Analytics.

Machine Learning Dependency 

AI has the ability to fundamentally change the landscape of digital marketing, but there is an important factor to consider. Platforms can evaluate data much more quickly than people, so there is a chance that PPC messaging can become somewhat distorted. Your tactics can stop being unique, and you risk losing your human feel, which will resonate more successfully with your audience.

Better Ad Copy

The popularity of AI is growing at an exponential rate because of how successful it has been at producing natural-sounding language excerpts. You can use this to your advantage by quickly creating compelling copy that appeals to your target audience. While the tool is already years ahead in terms of innovation, it still has a long way to go before it sounds more human.

Increased Bidding Wars

If marketers are able to capitalise on the AI introduction and development in their PPC strategies successfully, it is going to lead to a major increase in the price of keywords. Not only will competition be amplified to secure the highest-earning keyword, but it will also create a barrier for small marketers with an even smaller budget.

Better Results 

Efficient campaigns are dependent on how they are developed. AI can assist and excel in areas such as keyword research and creating ad copy. This will lead to more effective ad campaigns and better results. With more time and resources available to spend, you can redirect your efforts to other areas of your digital marketing strategy.

Ongoing Development 

With continued innovation in AI and its implementation in digital marketing, particularly PPC marketing, we will likely see constant updates. Ad formats will evolve, targeting will improve, and measurement will be reimagined. This will deliver better analytics, giving you more ways to improve or diversify your campaign to meet all your digital marketing objectives.

AI is set to revolutionise industries across the world, changing the way we work, interact, and live. It’s the dominant conversation at the moment, and we can help you get on board for digital marketing success.

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