Your SEO Audit Checklist

SEO Audit Checklist

Improving your site’s search engine optimisation is imperative if you want to skyrocket your organic website activity. A comprehensive SEO audit can help you recognise areas where your website needs improvement in order to rank higher in search results related to your niche and offer.

As an experienced digital marketing agency in Sydney, we have more than 13 years of experience in the digital field. We know exactly what you should look out for when conducting an SEO audit.

Check The Google Search Console

Google can only rank pages in searches that have been indexed in its database. If your website has had challenges indexing one or more of your site’s pages, your website will not be displayed to interested leads. Use the Google Search Console tool to request that pages be indexed if they have not been already.

Crawl The Site

Crawling your business’s website means simulating what Google already does to your site in the hopes that you will pick up any red flags that erode your ranking. There are many AI tools that can be used to crawl your site. They will help to point you in the direction of on-page SEO issues, performance issues, sitemap issues and more. You can only fix what you know is broken, which is why checking your website’s health is key before you get into the thick of things.

Is Your Site Optimised For Mobile?

Most of your customers and leads will access your website using their mobile devices. Making sure that your site works well across phones, tablets and other handheld devices is absolutely necessary. Start by doing a manual check, if possible, to catch any layout issues on mobile. You can also use Google Search Console again to understand what a user’s mobile experience will be on your website.

These primary steps are just the tip of the iceberg. From here, you will want to analyse and maximise your site speed (which includes considerations such as page loading times), internal links, keywords, backlinks and more.

Taking care of this by yourself can be overwhelming. Instead of adding even more to your plate, invest in having our professional team optimise your website’s SEO. Our contract-free way of working gives you the ultimate flexibility. Contact our digital marketing agency in Sydney today for SEO help that will suit businesses of all sizes.


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