Are Google Ads Still Relevant?

Google Ads

Businesses would be foolish not to include Google Ads in their digital marketing strategy. Google Ads is one of the most popular forms of pay-per-click advertising (PPC) as it’s a cost-effective way for any company to target an unlimited and niche audience with promotional messaging. These ads are flexible, meaning you can start, stop, pause, or adjust them anytime.

This article is dedicated to informing you about the power of Google Ads and how the system works.

How Do They Work?

Businesses or marketers choose relevant, targeted keywords and place bids on them relating to how much budget they are willing to part with per click. They choose keywords based on high-relevancy searches made in search engines to provide users with adverts relating to that search. The ad appearing above the search results aids in attracting more traffic to your website and increases your chances of sales.

Now that you understand how Google Ads work, we will discuss why they are effective.

Delivers Fast Results 

The most significant benefit of PPC advertising is the fast results businesses receive. Within minutes of your ad being approved, you will begin to receive new and increased website traffic.

Start by implementing your well-researched keywords, set your bid and allow the results to unfold. While SEO practices are longer-term measures, PPC satisfies instant gratification.

Offers Flexibility & Control 

Your ad is well within your power and control. As the marketer, you determine when the ad starts and ends and how much bid budget you want to allocate. This ease of control aids in improving marketing budget management and supports the freedom to advertise without the involvement of any permanent fees or contracts.

Powerful Reporting & Analytics 

Having performance insight into your ads makes adjusting them and crafting future ads for success much simpler. The Google Ads software is free to use and full of essential insights regarding how your ads are performing. You can run A/B tests to optimise landing pages and copy for increased ROI and give your digital marketing an overall facelift.

The question of whether or not Google Ads are still relevant is that they most definitely are still relevant and beneficial. Brands would waste a valuable digital marketing avenue by ignoring this as an opportunity to improve digital marketing and boost sales.

While SEO provides long-term results, Google Ads offers instant engagement. One Stop Digital can help your business with its Google Ads in Sydney today, so why not reach out? Contact the team for assistance today.


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