3 Search Engine Marketing Trends To Keep Up With

3 Search Engine Marketing

Whenever anyone needs something, whether it’s a new pair of sneakers, a good book, a recipe, plumbing repairs or a DIY hack, the first thing they go search on Google or other search engines. For this reason, search engine marketing is an invaluable advertising tool that marketers need to prioritise to cast a wide net to reach audiences. Both B2B and B2C marketers are now realising how search engines are responding through updated advertising campaigns to accommodate the modern internet user and marketers’ needs.

To keep you afloat with the changing times, we put together the top 3 search engine marketing trends you should be aware of and how to make the most of them.

Trend #1: Up With Character Limits

The challenge lies in fitting 70 characters to describe a product or service and a 25-character headline for many marketers. After all, this is the basis of how you can appeal to your potential customers. Today, search engines are working on increasing characters to 90 with three a 30-character headline.

How To Use This Trend

Start writing engaging ads as part of your search engine marketing tactic that’ll fit within these requirements. Make sure you include basic or core information about your business along with a clear call-to-action and relevant keywords. By so doing, you’re more likely to get qualifying searches and improve your SEO.

Trend #2: Maximise On Responsive Ad Design

You might think your website is the only place to focus on responsiveness, but responsive design is also crucial in search engine marketing. This is what we call native advertising, which is a way of using search engine marketing to get around ad-blocking software effectively. This further increases the likelihood of your ads being viewed.

How To Use This Trend

With the help of a search engine marketing agency, you can align and adjust your ads’ size to different screen displays with content that matches different screen sizes regardless of whether it’s on social media or on your website.

Trend #3: Remarketing

Your search engine marketing efforts are to reach as many target audiences as possible. Remarketing is a means of personalising your contact with audiences, allowing you to strategically place ads on internet display platforms when relevant searches may appear.

How To Use This Trend

With an expert search engine marketing team’s help, you can collect data through analytics and select who sees your ads and where they see them. You can use their online purchases and browsing habits and target prospects using demographic information. What’s great about using remarketing is writing compelling ads that you can use in your search engine marketing campaigns.

It is important to stay afloat with search engine marketing features to remain effective with your campaigns. However, you will also need to use marketing strategies coupled with mobile marketing and SEO to get the most out of your advertising goals.

At One Stop Digital, our experts in search engine marketing always keep themselves clued up with digital marketing trends to help our clients with effective advertising. Get in touch with us for your search engine marketing needs.



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