A Beginner’s Guide To Google Ads: Search Network Only

Google Ads management

Google Ads and Google Ads management are much like creating the ultimate, optimised post-click landing page. However, there is sophistication and an art to creating high-converting and lower cost-per-click campaigns.

For this reason, you need to know the basics, especially if you’re a startup business in Sydney or a beginner at all things Google Ads. Although it would be highly beneficial for you to work with a professional Google Ads and Google Ads management agency in Sydney, having some of the knowledge yourself will help you avoid wasting your marketing budget and your efforts at targeting the wrong audience.

If you’ve ever logged into your Google Ads account, the sight of the dashboard with its eight different tabs, a search bar, and a multitude of setup options for newly-established campaigns can be overwhelming. Where do you even begin?

Our Google Ads management experts in Sydney are here to ease things a little for you. Although we may not cover everything, the basics will give some insight into Google Ads, and for further information and assistance, our Google Ads team will take it from there.

What Does A Standard Google Ad Consist Of?

Four basic lines, which include the headline, two lines of copy and a URL. Simple enough, right? Sure, but your Google Ads campaigns can only make you money when you use the right approach and targeting.

Where should you start?

Start With “Search Network Only”

Google Ads have a number of campaign types. However, search network or display networks are often the two most used.

What is a search network? This is a Google Ads group with search-related websites where your ads can be shown, such as Google search sites and Google partnered sites.

On the other hand, display networks are a collection of sites such as YouTube, Gmail, and Google Finance, mobile sites and apps.

The biggest difference between these two is that the display network has a greater reach and get more impressions – however, with a lower click-through rate and clicks.

You need to focus on your business type, your advertising goals, and where your audience lives online. However, starting with Search Network Only is your best bet.

When creating a new campaign in Google Ads, you’ll want to start small, keeping things simple. For those testing out Google Ads or working on a limited budget, select the search only option. As soon as you see and are comfortable with how your ads are performing, you can ask a Google Ads management company to take it from there to get you increased exposure.

What your Google Ads management expert will do is bid on relevant keywords using the Google Keyword Planner to search for related terms looking at based on the average monthly phrases like “what is the definition of…” “How much is…” and “The best Google Ads management services” and so forth.

There’s a lot more that goes into Google Ads, and with the best Google Ads management agency in Sydney on your side, you can get the most out of your online advertising campaigns. Speak to us at One Stop Digital today, and let’s get started.



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